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Your daughter, she’s done a great injustice. 

Actors Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams arrive at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California


'We love showcasing Willa’s style around here because, to us, she is the definition of Tomboy KC. She pretends like she doesn’t have it going on, but the girl has it going on in more ways than one. Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up.  I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that.'

- Katie Cassidy


Stephen being his awesome sexy self

Hi I’m Lucy Hale. My most maniac moment was when I was 19 and I got my tattoo. It’s on my neck, it’s a bow. Luckily, I still like it. I got it after break up and I wanted to do something rebellious what is kind out of the norm for me. I’m crazy.


best friendship ever: ashley & tyler [tyshley] 2/?
“Tyler’s like my other half! He’s just amazing.” 
“Ashley is hilarious, beautiful, kind, just everything that you would want.”


color meme » lhermionejeangranger asked: Spencer Hastings + pastels/pale

Dylan O’Brien on ‘Despierta America’ (August 28)

Dylan O’Brien on ‘Despierta America’ (August 28)

I go on too many dates but I can’t make ‘em stay, at least that’s what people say.